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Pack-Out & Pack In


As we are partners with only certified professionals in the industry, we believe that content handling is crucial for the remediation process. Additionally, after a disaster has occurred, it is important to carefully remove personal property as fast as possible to prevent further damage.


Our content handling vendors/sub-contractor can handle your belongings with extreme care and professionalism. Our vendors utilize its unique techniques that involve a wide variety of specialized packing materials and sophisticated inventory procedures. 


Your belongings can be stored on-site or at their climate control facilities. Nevertheless, you're not obligated to go with our approved vendors. You may pick one of your choices. To provide you with peace of mind and additional security of your belongings, our vendors are required to keep your household items under a 24/7 surveillance camera facility, so you can rest assured that your contents are safe and secured during your restoration process.


Once we completed the restoration phase, our vendors will bring all your belongings back to you. Not only that, but we make sure to return your packages to each area of the property they came from. 



Content Cleaning

Our vendors offer content cleaning services, as contents are often damaged by fire, flood, and mold. While damage is sometimes irreversible, smoke, water, and even mold-damaged items can be salvaged.


Their comprehensive content restoration systems are designed to help return your items to their pre-damage condition. 





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Pack Out
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