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Biohazard Remediation


The Importance of Swift
Removal of Biohazard Materials

While water and mold present their own set of risks in the home, it could be argued that biohazard chemicals are the biggest dangers as far as leaks and spills go.


The unfortunate thing about biohazard materials is that even slight exposure to them could have adverse health effects, let alone letting them stew for days or weeks. Homeowners need to be vigilant when they suspect a biohazard leak and should call your local experts or Four Seasons Restoration at the first sign of trouble. Our team will quickly get the situation under control, working together with Certified Approved Vendors/Subcontractors as needed to get your home back safe again.

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Crime Scene Tape

Sewage Backups

Obviously, sewage backups should be dealt with in the swiftest of measures. Not only does the stench of backed-up septic create an unlivable situation, but exposure to this waste also has serious health effects. The microorganisms in the waste can infiltrate the home or business and cause internal structure damage as well. Four Seasons Restoration team works with certified vendors when utilizing specialty equipment to remove the contaminants and waste while then cleaning, sanitizing, and deodorizing the property.


Blood Borne Pathogens

Crime or accident in a property is not only a stressful and harrowing mental occurrence, but it also leaves behind a wake of possible physical pollutants as well. Obviously, law enforcement officials and emergency personnel may need access to the scene first but after they’ve given the all-clear, our licensed, certified vendors and highly trained professionals can fully clean and disinfect the area while sanitizing and deodorizing at the same time.


Methamphetamine Laboratory

20171011 - Forensic science clue marker

The chemicals used in the manufacturing of methamphetamine drugs are not only toxic to the touch, but they are also very combustible and dangerous risks to explode. If a home, apartment, or business was home to a methamphetamine production facility there’s likely residue of these harmful toxins still present. Our professional vendors get rid of all traces of these dangerous substances to earn a proper bill of health for the area.


Did You Know?

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Whether it’s vandals spraying your property with graffiti or an unfortunate accident on your property, dealing with the actual event is traumatic enough. The last thing you want to deal with is the cleaning and disinfecting of the area, you should never touch any item within the area of crime scene, but first contact local authorities

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