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Mold Remediation


The Importance of Removal of Mold Materials

Mold can pose a risk to both the health of occupants and the structural integrity of the building. At the same time, removing mold can be tricky and hazardous if you don't know what you are doing. Mold growth can be found anywhere in your house: on furniture, inside and outside walls, inside the attic, on the ceiling, and even underneath floors. Our team will quickly get the situation under control, working together with our Vendors or Subcontractors as needed to get your property back on track.


When moisture remains undetected, mold occurs, causing severe damage and health concerns. It’s critical to take care to identify and treat before it overtakes your entire property. 

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Our Approach

Here at Four Seasons Restoration we rely on a mold testing report from a third party licenced vendor. or any environmental testing company of our client's choice. No matter how you proceed, the following phases of the process is required and must be followed step by step

Phase 1: Detection & Assessment

Initial visual inspection and an assessment of the contaminated area. As extra safety measures, Four Seasons Restoration can detect the level of moisture using our thermal image camera technology.


Phase 2: Containment set-up

Immediately contain the affected areas to prevent mold growth around confirmed contaminated areas. Four Seasons Restoration offers a variety of containments including heavy-duty plastic walls and temporary solid walls. So if you're a business, you can keep your door open and business running.  



Phase 3: Mold Removal and Decontamination

When removing mold, proper bagging and disposal of loss items per client's consent and infected materials. HVAC ducts system cleaning and decontamination along with HEPA vacuuming. Detailed cleaning and decontamination of structures and contents. Remediation air equipment set-up and monitoring (dehumidifier and/or negative air).


Phase 4: Clearance Test and Containment tear-down

Clearance test report generated by third party environmental testing company. If negative, containment tear-down along with air control equipment dis-mobilization. At this point, your property is safe and ready to be restored to its original state. 



Mold Prevention Tips

  • Keep your foundation dry after a flood or heavy rain.

  • Prevent moisture with proper ventilation.

  • Clean and repair roof gutters.

  • At first sign of water damage, call your local experts or Four Seasons Restoration office for an immediate response.

  • Water damage is the number one reason for mold growth. Making sure a proper water damage remediation was completed is critical to prevent mold growth. 


Did You Know?

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Here is some indicator of a mold problem. Have you noticed a musty odor? Do you have recent water damage? Are there any materials within the property that has been wet or damp for 48 hours or longer? Have your property gone through remodeling or any major work lately? If you question the presence of mold, call your local experts or Four Seasons Restoration


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